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This Saturday we are planning a family picnic at the Glacier Motel in Fife to bless the residents there.  
Come with bright spirits and a great picnic dish to share.  
We need salads, chips and dip, desserts, or anything else you can think of, and lots to drink for a hot day.
Meet at the Glacier Motel at Noon with your good food and great spirit of friendship as we “be” a neighbor in our community.
August 5
This week we are going to McDonalds and Dairy Queen in Fife to purchase gift cards for kids’ meals for all the kids who come in the stores between noon and 1 p.m.  
Come no later than noon, with as many $5 bills as you can to either of the stores to purchase the gift cards and then watch all the smiles happen when the kids are blessed with free lunch (the parents will probably have even bigger smiles!)
New Life will be providing gift cards as well so everyone can be blessed and a blessing.
August 12
We plan to have a great time at Wedge Park this Saturday with a BBQ in the park.
Bring side dishes to go with the hot dogs or burgers or chicken New Life will provide to put on the grills as we BBQ up a great lunch for our neighbors in Fife.
Bring your favorite dish, a friendly spirit and some field games to play with each other and our neighbors.
August 19
This is our last Summer of Service Saturday.  Don’t miss our last summer opportunity to bless our neighborhood. 
We plan to beautify one of our motel properties in town…stay tuned for the location
Come ready to get your hands dirty pulling weeds and planting beautiful flowers to bless and beautify our city
Watch for location and time
Bring your work gloves and all the kids
New Life will provide the flowers